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Next Gen Nerd
CJ Burroughs shares his thoughts on Student Ministry and Nerd-dom.
CJ's the Next Gen Pastor at a church in Florida and he's served there for over a decade. He's made a lot of mistakes and wants to help pastors avoid hitting the same landmines.

He also likes to share his love of all things nerd-culture. All of this is wrapped up in quick episodes and interviews.

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CJ Burroughs

Christ follower, husband and father of three. CJ has served in numerous roles at First Baptist Church of Alachua (Student Pastor, Rec Director and most currently Next-Gen Pastor) for over a decade. He has a heart for ministry and a love for all things geek culture.

Top Five Books
Wingfeather Saga
Ready Player 1
Princess of Mars
Magic 2.0

Top Five Movies
Empire Strikes Back
Jurassic Park
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Home Alone

Top 5 Shows
The Office
Stargate Atlantis
Dr. Who (David Tennant)
Justice League